Do Your Thing Videos

A series of 10 videos featuring women with disabilities from a variety of backgrounds, combating a lack of positive role models in traditional media.

Our Right to Safety and Respect Resource (Safeguards Project)

Our Right to Safety and Respect Guidelines for developing resources with women with disabilities about safety from violence and abuse contains six good practice guidelines organisations can follow to create quality resources. Each guideline has a set of indicators to show what good practice looks like and how to work towards it.

Access to Employment

Executive Director, Keran Howe, and Project Officer, Lauren Hayes, talk about access to employment for women with disabilities.

We gratefully acknowledge the Office for Disability in allowing us to use footage from their DVD ‘Building Disability Inclusive Organisations’ in producing this video. (8:17mins)

Violence against women with disabilities

Women with disabilities experience violence at a higher rate, for longer periods, and are less likely to report the abuse, than women without disabilities (Healey, 2008). Tricia Malowney, Chair of Women with Disabilities Victoria, and Ariane Garner-Williams, youth and women with disabilities advocate, talk about some of the issues that arise for this doubly disadvantaged group, in terms of violence.(5:52 mins)

Works For Me

A conversation with women with disability about their expectations for inclusion in the community, organisations, social settings and employment. (6:48mins)