Our Board

A blonde woman with a big smile.

Sam Lilly - Co-Chair

Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition

Samantha works at the Department of Education and Training in policy and projects. She has vast experience in stakeholder engagement and project management. Samantha advocates for the representation of people (particularly women) with disability across all media platforms.

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Diana Piantedosi - Co-Chair

PhD Candidate, Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Diana has had over 15 years of experience in risk and compliance roles in the financial services industry. They are passionate about LGBTQIA+ health and wellbeing and are now working predominately on research projects in this field. As a sociology PhD candidate at La Trobe University, Diana’s own research examines relationality through intersections of disability, intimacy and queer identity.

A person with dark hair and glasses.

Pan Karanikolas - Vice Chair

PhD Candidate

BA (International Relations) (Hons), LLB, GDLP

Trained as a lawyer, Pan has experience working in government, disability advocacy and community legal sectors (particularly around women’s legal issues and family violence). They are currently undertaking a PhD within the School of Humanities and Social Science at La Trobe University, on carceral violence and compulsory treatment in the mental health system in Victoria. In their spare time they are also a writer, editor and an activist.

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Alex Holland​ - Board Secretary

Alex is a young woman living with cerebral palsy in regional Victoria. After practicing as a lawyer at the NDIA for two years, Alex left to join the SDA Alliance where she currently works in a Senior Policy role. She is passionate about improving the housing outcomes of people living with disability across Australia.

A woman wearing a brightly coloured hijab.

Anaab Rooble - Treasurer

Anaab Rooble is an experienced human resources, finance and diversity and inclusion practitioner. She has 18 years of public services experience and currently leads the corporate service team of the Victorian Disability Worker Commission. She is a strong advocate of disability employment and shared her lived experience in many forums. She is a proud member of the VPS Women of Colour Network as well as the VPS Enablers Network.

A blond woman with a big smile and bright blue glasses.

Imogen Newhouse - Director

Imogen has served on the Board of WDV for the past three years, including as Deputy Chair in 2020 and as Chair in 2021. They have 7 years’ experience working in the non-profit and corporate sectors across the disability, environmental sustainability and business development space across Australia, India and Cambodia.

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Shakira Hussein - Director

Shakira Hussein is an honorary fellow at the Asia Institute at the University of Melbourne. Her writing on topics including gendered violence, racism, disability and South Asia has been published in major academic journals, as well as in Meanjin, The Saturday Paper, Crikey, and The Best Australian Essays.

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Helena Jordan - Director

M.A. Public Policy

B.A. Arts and Global Studies

Helena is currently working full time at the not-for-profit Domestic Violence Victoria, as a Policy Advisor. She has experience in both not-for-profit and private sectors domestically and internationally. Her previous experience listed below have led her to support organisations working within areas of impact investing, consultancy, female financial empowerment, gender-based violence, refugee family services and affordable housing.

Elyse Cox (they/them) - Director

M.A.- Arts & Cultural Management

M.F.A.- Choreography & Performance 

B.F.A.- Dance 

Elyse is a queer disabled arts professional who is passionate about inclusive spaces and accessible design. They bring to the Board skills in development, fundraising, and marketing. Their work in queer, disability, and arts communities advocates that inclusion is both a physical and emotional experience.