Here We Are

What is the aim of the Here We Are Project?

The aim of the project is to support women with disability to feel more welcomed and involved in the activities of ordinary life – working, attending events, learning, accessing services and spending leisure time in the community.
Why was the project developed?

For rural women, barriers such as:

• community attitudes;
• inaccessible services and information;
• a loss of choice and control over health

– are made more difficult by distance, travel, cost and lack of privacy.

How will the project work?

Here We Are will employ four women with disability, who will work in their regional communities to help the community to break down these barriers. They will make sure that women with disability are included in planning activities around this work.

Using this work, we will then develop an online toolbox to share information and strategies across regions.

The four rural communities we are working with are:
• Moira Shire – Cobram;
• Barwon – Geelong;
• Warnambool; and
• Gippsland – Wellington.
The Community Builders will consult and collaborate on local campaigns and events that improve disability awareness, challenge stereotypes and improve inclusion in sporting, leisure and other events. They will also work with local organisations, for example groups and clubs who want support to be more confident in including women with disability in their activities.

The Regional Community Builders will engage neighbourhood houses and voluntary community organisations to build on local networks hosting programs specific to all women.

Who are our partners?

Our main partners are:
• Gippsland Women’s Health;
• Women’s Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West Inc
• Cobram Community House;
• Women’s Health Goulburn North East;
• Warrnambool City Council.

When is the project happening?

The project started in January 2018 and will finish by January 2019.

Who funded this project?

Here We Are is funded through the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) stream of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

This stream aims to ensure that all people with disability are included in community and mainstream services and activities.