Our Staff

  • Leah Van Poppel

    Leah Van Poppel

    Chief Executive Officer Staff
  • Lisa


    Leah's Furry CompanionStaff
  • Nadia Mattiazzo

    Acting CEOStaff
  • Olympia


    Nadia's Furry CompanionStaff
  • Helen

    Helen Gwilliam

    General ManagerStaff
  • Maria Burchell

    Maria Burchell

    Infrastructure and Communications ManagerStaff
  • Vikki Cummings

    HR and Finance ManagerStaff
  • Elyse Cox

    Board Governance OfficerStaff
  • Nicole

    Nicole Smith

    Membership Engagement and Communications OfficerStaff
  • Jen Hargrave

    Jen Hargrave

    Senior Policy OfficerPolicy Team, Staff
  • Amber Karanikolas

    Amber Karanikolas

    Policy OfficerPolicy Team, Staff
  • Bianca Evans

    Bianca Evans

    Training and Development Team Leader Workforce Development Program on Gender and DisabilityStaff
  • Olivia Franklin

    Olivia Franklin

    Gender and Disability Workforce Development Project OfficerWorkforce Development Team
  • Helen Freris

    Helen Freris

    Gender and Disability Workforce Capacity Building OfficerWorkforce Development Team
  • Cath McNamara

    Safeguards Resource Development OfficerStaff
  • Bridget Jolley

    Women's Engagement & Empowerment OfficerStaff
  • Jane Oldfield

    Jane Oldfield

    Where Are They Now? Project Officer Staff
  • Amanda McCarthy

    Amanda McCartney

    Spotlight on Invisible Women Project Officer Staff
  • Fofi Christou

    Senior Program Manager: Workforce DevelopmentStaff
  • Carly Myers

    Resource Development and Communications Officer, Workforce Development OfficerStaff
  • Tess Karambelas

    Co-Facilitator and Training Delivery Officer, Workforce Development Program on Gender and DisabilityWorkforce Development Team
  • Zoe Dorrity

    Workforce Development Officer – Sexual and Reproductive HealthStaff, Workforce Development Team