Our Staff

  • Leah Van Poppel

    Chief Executive Officer Staff
  • Lisa

    Leah's Furry CompanionStaff
  • Nadia Mattiazzo (she/her)

    Acting CEO/Program Manager, Community Inclusion and Women’s EmpowermentStaff
  • Olympia

    Nadia's Furry CompanionStaff
  • Kerrie Doherty

    Kerrie Doherty (she/her)

    Senior Operations ManagerOperations Team
  • Maria Burchell

    Infrastructure and Communications ManagerOperations Team
  • Vikki Cummings

    Human Resources Manager and Executive Assistant to CEOOperations Team
  • Kelly Xiao

    Kelly Xiao

    Financial AccountantOperations Team
  • Elyse Cox

    Board Governance OfficerOperations Team
  • Phillipa Wray

    Phillipa Wray (she/her)

    Administration Support OfficerOperations Team
  • Jen Hargrave

    Senior Policy OfficerPolicy Team
  • Liz Wright

    Local Leadership Hub CoordinatorWomen’s Empowerment and Community Inclusion Team
  • Rosie Granland

    Our Right to Safety Resources’ Project Officer Women’s Empowerment and Community Inclusion Team
  • Naomi, a white woman, is looking at the camera with a slight smile. She has light brown hair tied back and is wearing a green top

    Naomi Chainey (she/her)

    Marketing and Communications CoordinatorOperations Team
  • Headshot of Laura smiling at the camera. she is a young woman with olive skin and brown hair and she is wearing dangly blue earrings. There are trees behind her

    Laura Pettenuzzo (she/her)

    Membership Engagement and Communications OfficerOperations Team
  • Photo of Is with- a blurry tree in the background. They are a white person wearing glasses and a red top and they have short hair

    Is Hay (they/them)

    Women's Empowerment Program Youth Project Co PresenterWomen’s Empowerment and Community Inclusion Team
  • Brigitte Stone

    Brigitte Stone

    Women’s Empowerment OfficerWomen’s Empowerment and Community Inclusion Team
  • Bridget Jolley

    Bridget Jolley

    Women's Empowerment Officer (Youth)Women’s Empowerment and Community Inclusion Team
  • Jenny Godwin

    Hub Liaison Officer – Moira HubWomen’s Empowerment and Community Inclusion Team
  • Deb Haygarth

    Hub Liaison Officer – Barwon HubWomen’s Empowerment and Community Inclusion Team
  • Lou Hollis

    Hub Liaison Officer – Warrnambool HubWomen’s Empowerment and Community Inclusion Team
  • Helen Freris

    Health Services Program ManagerWorkforce Development Team
  • Soizic Brohan

    Soizic Brohan

    Workforce Capacity Building Officer – Gender and Disability EquityWorkforce Development Team
  • Dee Henry

    Dee Henry

    Experts by Experience Health Project OfficerWorkforce Development Team
  • Carly Myers

    Resource Development and Communications Officer, Workforce Development OfficerWorkforce Development Team
  • Tess Karambelas

    Co-Facilitator and Training Delivery Officer, Workforce Development Program on Gender and DisabilityWorkforce Development Team