Gender and Disability Workforce Development

The Gender and Disability Workforce Development Program was created to help service providers work in a way that is more sensitive, responsive and empowering for women with disabilities. This workforce program aims to improve women with disabilities’ health and wellbeing and reduce gender and disability based discrimination and violence.

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Information about The Workforce Development Program on Gender and Disability

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Why was the project developed?

Women with disabilities experience higher levels of disadvantaged in housing security, income, employment and education compared to women and men without disabilities. Women with disabilities also experience higher levels of disadvantage than men with disabilities when it comes to employment and income levels and are more likely to have their human rights abused and experience higher rates of violence than other women and men with disabilities.The Royal Commission on Family Violence and the Parliamentary Inquiry into Abuse in Disability Services highlighted the critical importance of service providers addressing gender and disability inequality and preventing violence against women.

When is the project happening?

The project started as a pilot in 2014 and has been funded until 2021.

What does the project do?

The program aims to change the culture of organisations by providing training and communities of practice for disability support workers, supervisors and managers to increase their workforce and organisational ability to reduce gender and disability based discrimination and prevent violence against women with disabilities. The program also provides peer education and communities of practice for women with disabilities.

The program is delivered by an innovative partnership between Women with Disabilities Victoria, a trainer from a women’s health organisation or a Centre Against Sexual Assault and a woman with lived experience of disability.

The program is currently creating more flexible options to suit the wider range of workforces supporting people with disabilities under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This will include face-to-face training and other learning options.

Who is the program for?

The program is for disability, advocacy, social services and government organisations that work with women with disabilities.

Who funded the project?

The project is supported by the Victorian Government.