Enabling Women Leadership Program

What is the “Enabling Women Leadership Program”?

The Enabling Women Leadership Program empowers women with disabilities to speak up and have a voice about issues that relate to them, and other women with disabilities.
The program builds on, and expands the knowledge, skills, tools, and networks of women with disabilities, so that they are confident to take on advocacy and leadership roles within their communities.

The program runs for six one-day sessions and lasts six weeks. The program:

  • brings together a diverse range of women of all abilities
  • helps to develop confidence and self-esteem, knowledge and insights about human rights, identity,  advocacy and leadership
  • supports women to develop communication skills,  the ability to be a voice for yourself and other women with a disability
  • supports women to become more involved in the local community
  • helps women to understand more about NDIS

At the end of the Program, there will also be a Graduation ceremony.

Content is delivered in various ways, including:

  • group discussions and activities
  • working individually
  • craft
  • role plays
  • videos
  • facilitator presentations
  • guest speakers

Programs are accessible and tailored for needs within each group.

Please see the EW Program Brochure 2019 for more information.

Who is the program for?

The Enabling Women Leadership Program is delivered in two different streams:

Enabling Young Women

Our program specifically for young women aged 15-25 who identify as having a disability

Enabling Women Generalist

Our program specifically for all women aged 18+ who identify as having a disability


If you think you can assist in getting a Program to run in your area, please contact WDV on 03 9286 7800, or wdv@wdv.org.au

The program is funded by the Victorian Government and Portland House Foundation.

For more information, please contact us.