Join a Community Hub

WDV facilitates five leadership networks (Hubs) for women and non-binary people with disabilities in local regions. Our Hub members get together regularly and support each other in their leadership, advocacy and empowerment goals.

Three women in a backyard holding protest signs. Two of the women use motorised wheelchairs. One wears a mask. The signs say: "I am not Cinderella! I have a right to a maxi-taxi after midnight", "Taxi Equality" and "Equality! We demand maxi-taxi access 24/7".
Members of the Barwon Hub participating in a protest.

We aim to make our Hubs friendly and respectful spaces for members to connect, share their experiences and gain information on their rights.

Hub members might also get involved in local matters that impact the lives of women and non-binary people with disabilities.

There is no cost to join a Hub.

A graphic of a young brown woman holding an LGBTIQIA+ flag.

How to join a Hub

Our Hubs currently operate in five regions and meet up monthly. To find out more about the Hub in your local area, please get in contact with your local Hub Liaison Officer.


The Barwon Hub meets at Kardinia Stadium.

The Liaison for the Barwon Hub is Sara Franzoni.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: (03) 9286 7827

The Barwon Hub is run in close partnership with:

G21 Logo. Geelong Region Alliance. Blue text on white.


The Moira Hub meets at Cobrum Community House.

The Liaison for the Moira Hub is Jenny Godwin.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 0476 392 389

The Moira Hub is run in close partnership with:

Cobram Community House Inc. logo. Educating and supporting our community. Black text on white with a green symbol made of the letters C C H.


The Bendigo Hub meets at the Centre for Non-Violence. 

The Liaison for the Bendigo Hub is Emma Klemm. 

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 0473 166 272

The Loddon Hub is run in close partnership with:

Centre for Non-Violence Logo. Ending violence against women and children. Yellow and brown text and circle made of lines and dots.

Melbourne Outer East

The Melbourne Outer East Hub meets at Coonara Community House.

The Liaison for the Melbourne Outer East Hub is Libby Price.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 0473 883 488

The Melbourne Outer East Hub is run in close partnership with:

Coonara Community House logo. Bue and grey text on white.


The Warrnambool Hub is currently on hiatus. 

The Liaison for the Warrnambool Hub is Liz Wright. 

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 0429 593 422


Please note: Hubs are not counselling, trauma or support groups. Clinical services/case management will not be provided. If you need individual advocacy or crisis support you might find what you need on our Find Support page.


Our Hubs are financed and supported by:

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 NDIS Transition support package.