Lens On, Hands On

‘Lens on, hands on’, is a practical guide for people who develop and deliver women’s financial capability and wellbeing programs, to apply intersectionality in their thinking and practice.

Seeing through an intersectional lens means understanding the experiences of women who face more than one form of unequal treatment and discrimination in their lives. These women are often up against a combination of oppressive systems and power structures, all working together to exclude or keep a person down.

Intersectionality can be used as a thinking tool to examine how power dynamics and structural barriers impact women’s experiences with money.

This resource was created as part of the Women’s Financial Capabilities Project (WFCP), which aims to improve the financial capabilities and economic security of women across Victoria, with a particular focus on First Nations women, women from migrant, refugee, and asylum–seeker backgrounds and women with disabilities.

This guide was co-designed with women from these  communities who, together, brought a range of experiences and expertise. This guide is possible thanks to their generous contributions.