Do Your Thing 

What is the aim of Do Your Thing?

Do Your Thing is a showcase of 10 videos telling the stories of a diverse range of women with disabilities (including women from rural areas) engaging with their communities through employment, interests and advocacy. 

The aim of the project is to offer encouragement to women with disabilities, with different experiences of access to community, to think about how they might like to feel more engaged, and to challenge ideas about limits and low expectations. 

When is the project happening?

Filming started in August 2019.  The videos will be distributed over November / December 2019. 

Screening events TBA.

Why was the project developed?

There is a lack of representation of women with disabilities in mainstream media.  Where able-bodied people may look to the television or the news to see a wide range of examples from which to develop personal goals and ambitions, people with disabilities are often not presented with relatable role-models who face similar barriers to them.  Do Your Thing aims to fill some of this gap for women with disabilities by showcasing women with a diverse range of disability experiences who have forged their own paths in a variety of fields.

Where will the videos be found?

The videos will be made available on social media, in participating public libraries, and at community centers and events.

Who funded this project?

This project is supported by the Victorian Government.