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Join our Youth Co-Design Group

WDV is seeking applicants for our Youth Project Co-design Group (YPCG).

The YPCG will consist of up-to 10 members aged 15-25, who will work together and help design leadership opportunities that WDV will deliver. The Group will run from April – August 2021. Meetings will typically be held weekly. Co-designers will be paid for their time.

Please visit our Youth Projects page for more information.

Applications close Monday April 26 at 9am.

Who are we?

Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV) is an organisation of women with disabilities, for women with disabilities.

Our Vision is a world where all women are respected and can fully experience life.

Our Mission is to advance real social and economic inclusion for women with disabilities in Victoria. We will:

  • be a voice for women with disabilities
  • create opportunities for women with disabilities to be visible and to be heard in their communities
  • build partnerships to deliver the best results for women with disabilities
  • engage the community to challenge attitudes and myths about women with disabilities.

We recognise that as women with disabilities we are among the most marginalised in our community. This is because the intersection of gender inequality and disability presents a situation of multiple levels of discrimination. This is where we focus our efforts.

We know that women with disabilities are strong and resilient. We have unique knowledge and understandings, and we make great leaders, because we draw on wisdom gained through our experience of discrimination and other challenges.

Visit the About Us page to read about our goals and priority areas.
Visit the Our Work – Overview page to read more about our current work.

Are you looking for individual advocacy?

We do not provide support or advocacy to individuals with disability or their families. We do not provide individual advice or advocacy regarding NDIS plans or meetings.

We do run programs, work with government on developing policies, and work alongside services to remove barriers for women with disabilities.

Should you need assistance with personal circumstances, we encourage you to first contact WIRE (Women’s Information and Referral Exchange Inc.). WIRE are the only Victoria-wide free generalist information, support and referral service run by women for women.They have a wide ranging database of services to which they can refer women needing support.

For individual support or referral, 
please visit the WIRE website,
Ph: 1300 134 130 or
 E: support@wire.org.au

Do you need further support?

For further support, information, and secondary consultation, please refer to the options below. These referral options relate to anyone who may have experienced, is currently experiencing or has witnessed violence, abuse or neglect.

List of Support Services (Microsoft Word download)

What people say about our training

“I recently attended an on-line training program and gained a much greater understanding and deeper insight in how to prevent violence against women with a disability. To learn from the perspective of those who live with a disability gives you an appreciation of the challenges, bias and discrimination that people with a disability face on a daily basis. As someone who does not have a disability I can only begin to better understand these particular challenges by listening and learning from the perspective of those who do have a disability. I also found the course facilitators encouraged everyone to participate and this made the course more engaging and interactive. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their professional expertise or deepen their understanding of how we can work more effectively together to prevent violence towards women with a disability in our communities.”
Rosie Batty
Domestic Violence Advocate

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Acknowledgement of Country

Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander flagsWomen with Disabilities Victoria acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants and traditional custodians of the lands on which we live and work. We pay our respects to ancestors and Elders, past and present. The WDV community is committed to honouring the unique cultural and spiritual relationship Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have with the land and waters, and their rich contribution to society.

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If your event is welcoming to women with disabilities, we would love to hear about it!