Responsive Access Project

What is the aim of the Responsive Access Project?

The Responsive Access Project will develop training and resources to help workers better support women with disabilities and their children at risk of, or experiencing, family violence. The training and resources will improve the capacity of workers to:

  • understand and confidently respond to women with disabilities and their children who are at risk of, or experiencing, family violence
  • plan and deliver programs to prevent violence against women with disabilities and their children
  • raise issues that need to be fixed by changing things at government or organisation level.

When is the project happening?

The project started in December 2017. The new resources and training will be developed and tested by December 2018.

Why was the project developed?

The Royal Commission into Family Violence examined the family violence system in Victoria. It found women with disabilities experienced higher levels of violence and faced many barriers to getting appropriate family violence services.

Which workers will use the training and resources?

Training and resources will be designed to suit workers in the wide range of workplaces where they provide services to women with disabilities. This includes specialist and mainstream services that everyone in the community uses:

  • family violence services
  • courts, police, child protection and homelessness services
  • health and community services.

Who funded this project?

The Victorian Government and the National Disability Insurance Agency funded this project.