Isolated Women with Disabilities Project

Why was the project developed?

The Isolated Women with Disabilities Project aims to improve the wellbeing of women with disabilities by testing and reporting on strategies to reduce social isolation.

Research shows that women with disabilities experience higher than average levels of social isolation. This contributes to poorer physical and mental health.  Social isolation can also make it harder for women with disabilities to live free from violence and abuse, because it can be difficult for them to get appropriate information and services.

What is the project doing?

The project has reviewed the literature to find out which peer and social support strategies work best to reduce social isolation. Next, it will test and evaluate some of these strategies with women with disabilities, and report back on the findings.

When is the project happening?

The project started in August 2017, and will finish in August 2018.

Who funded this project?

The Isolated Women’s Project is supported by the Victorian Government.