Our Right to Safety and Respect Resource (Safeguards Project)

Our Right to Safety and Respect Guidelines for developing resources with women with disabilities about safety from violence and abuse contains six good practice guidelines organisations can follow to create quality resources. Each guideline has a set of indicators to show what good practice looks like and how to work towards it.

Voices Against Violence

The project reports on the extent and nature of violence against women with disabilities in Victoria. As well as interviews with women with disabilities about their experiences of violence, it includes an overview of current issues, a review of legislative protections, a review of the records of OPA and interviews with its staff and volunteers. The project includes seven individual reports.

Building the Evidence Report

The Building the Evidence Project analyses the extent to which current Victorian family violence policy and practice recognises and provides for women with disabilities who experience violence, and makes recommendations to improve responses to women with disabilities dealing with family violence.

Violence against women with disabilities

Women with disabilities experience violence at a higher rate, for longer periods, and are less likely to report the abuse, than women without disabilities (Healey, 2008). Tricia Malowney, Chair of Women with Disabilities Victoria, and Ariane Garner-Williams, youth and women with disabilities advocate, talk about some of the issues that arise for this doubly disadvantaged group, in terms of violence.(5:52 mins)